Gaya, a SUN SAFE bodysuit brand, was created for ocean and nature lovers who also care about comfort.

Our entire collection is made of eco-friendly, UPF 50 fabric, offering maximum protection and the perfect form for diving into the water and taking advantage of all that nature has to offer.

Our brand cares deeply about our planet..

Unlike common fabrics that take decades to decompose, the biodegradable polyamide used in Gaya bodysuits decomposes within three years of disposal, helping to reduce environmental impact and preserve the planet for future generations.

The innovative technology of AMNI Soul Eco® fabrics takes care of the planet by carefully reusing water during production and treating greenhouse gas emissions, helping to preserve the ozone layer and protecting nature.

Gaya bodysuits are easy to wash, quick to dry, and allow your pores to breathe, as well as being soft on the skin.

Keeping production small and local allows us to offer our clients a high-quality product produced through fair labor practices.

We believe each product carries an energy to the person who buys it.

The attitudes we demonstrate in the present, will help create a better future. We are all responsible for our own corners of the world. Everything we do is with care and respect, from our relationship with our suppliers, producers, and clients to the way we reuse water and recycle.

Our mission is to unite the simplicity of modern life with a philosophy that respects nature and people.


Warming hearts waters.

Mind freeing winds.

Nourishing bodies lands.

Essence of everything and of each one.

We seek Gaya within us,

in the present, aware.


Passionate about the beach, sun and water sports, GAYA was born to solve the difficulty that businesswoman Ana Galante had in finding a nice outfit for sailing and rowing, that added comfort, protection and style . After two years running the brand, Ana invited her friend Daniel Aratangy, a photographer, also in love with the sea, to bring his look.

Ana Galante - Kitesurfer, businesswoman, Pisces, sees poetry in everything, contemplates the sun, moon and sea.

Daniel Aratangy - Paddler, mountaineer, sailor and photographer who loves an adventure.


Our freedom calls for responsibility.

Humanity and nature are one.

Caring for the planet is caring of ourselves.